Hannah Jones

Hannah Jones

Hannah has extensive experience in the strategic national integration of ICT in learning.

 She has led several of the UK’s largest leadership programmes at the National College for School Leadership (NCSL), including the highly successful Strategic Leadership of ICT (SLICT) and Building Schools for the Future programmes.

During her time at NCSL, Hannah initiated, designed and delivered high quality leadership programmes for over 15,000 school leaders.  External evaluations of these programmes were extremely positive with Ofsted identifying the programmes as a strong agent for change in teaching and learning practices and for leadership and management. 

Prior to her time at NCSL, Hannah was Director of the first Interactive Whiteboard Pilot at the National Strategies that was, within one year, rolled out to a National Programme, with £50M secured for schools.

Hannah also has extensive international experience, having worked with Hong Kong, Japan, Turkey, Scotland, Italy and others to develop their strategic plans to maximise the potential of ICT for headteachers and senior leaders. 

Hannah works with the-learning-crowd on multiple projects throughout the UK.

Hannah’s strategic views are balanced with practical classroom understanding, through a range of local authority and school based career positions covering all phases, including SEN and she is a passionate supporter and active Trustee of Student Voice UK.